Online bingo is a cool game because it combines the advantages of the internet with the advantages of playing bingo. There are many online bingo sites, meaning you have a greater choice than in neighborhood bingo halls. You can get top bingo halls by visiting.


Online bingo is cool because you can play anywhere, anytime. It is even possible to play online bingo on a mobile phone. You can play online bingo whenever you are bored at work, whenever there is nothing better on television, whenever you are travelling, outside in the park, and in many other convenient scenarios.

You do not need to adjust your schedule to play bingo since the bingo will fit into whichever schedule you have. It is possible to play any time because the online bingo has no boarders, meaning there are always players online because of the differences in time zones.

The convenience of playing bingo in the comfort of your home also has cost benefits because you save on transport and other logistical costs.

Anonymous Playing

Online bingo is cool because you can play anonymously. If you love bingo but are concerned about what people may think or say, no one will ever know who you are if you play online. Online bingo is especially advantageous to men because there is still a stereotype that bingo is an old ladys game.

Big Wins

It is possible to win as much as $20,000 on a single day in bingo halls, although this is dependant on the number of players present. Online, this number is much bigger because there are more players. Unlike other forms of gambling where you need to invest in such an impressive win, you only need to buy a bingo card to be eligible to win. Bingo cards go for as little as 10 U.S. cents.

More Options

Playing online bingo is cool because there are more options. You get to decide between 75 balls bingo, 80 balls bingo, and 90 balls bingo. You get to decide on the site that best suits you. In bingo halls, you have to play whatever everyone else is playing.

Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo is cool because most major bingo sites offer bingo bonuses. With these bonuses, you can play without making a deposit into your account. However, you have to use a pre-determined amount of money before you can access your bonus codes.

Online bingo is cool because it has all the advantages of traditional bingo. You still get to interact with other players through chat rooms. Most bingo sites are designed in such a way that you will feel like you are in a bingo hall. Playing online bingo is also a good way to learn about the game since you can try different strategies and you can read different articles on how to play the game.

When searching the best online casinos, you would come across many websites that would make tall claims and offer lucrative deposit bonus to get your attention but you shouldnt fall prey to these marketing tactics and should look for a licensed website that has stated everything clearly. There are many gambling websites on the web but not all are reliable. Your objective should be to locate a credible website that has customer centric policies and that gives a leeway to its members. Just offering discount on opening account or free games are simple marketing tactics. You should play with a website that allows cashing out money on easy terms.

Whether you are playing for fun and entertainment or for making quick money, you would like to cash out your winnings as soon as possible. A gambling website should have no problem in your cashing out your winnings. But a majority of websites would like you to fulfill their near to impossible terms and conditions to cash out your winnings. Actually these websites want you to continue playing with your winnings. Simply put they dont want to give you money. The best online casinos are those that have simple terms and conditions.

A quick Google search is enough to locate a myriad of online casinos but you simply cant start playing with the casino displayed on the top of search engine result page. Google would only suggest you the online casinos it finds reliable and it is you who has to choose one out of the best online casinos Google has suggested. Start visiting the gambling websites from top and see what services they are offering. Also go through their privacy policies and terms and conditions. The most important thing to see is whether the this casino is licensed or not.

One more thing that you need to consider when choosing the best online casinos is the set of games they are offering. You would find card games, table games and poker etc. Understand the games and analyze your strength. If you feel that you could play and win on the games offered by the online casino, you are going to join, then go ahead. Ideally the casino should allow you to play free game so that you can get firsthand experience on the game, you want to play. I dont think that the best gaming website should have any problem in offering free games.

It is common among people to perceive gambling as a bad thing. However, if there is some level of discipline involved in the games, then gambling is safe. You must not forget the fact that there is requirement of some skill while playing card games. It is a favorite past time of gamblers to place bets on different card games.

You may even find many gamblers, who play card games just for the sake of fun. You need to note that if a gambler plays for fun and leisure instead of making gambling his habit, then there is nothing bad in gambling. However, certain amount of discipline is also essential from restraining gambling to get uglier. For instance, if you enter in a web casino and it does not have any regulatory authority, then it is unsafe to gamble at such a place.

If you desire to know whether gambling is good or bad, you need to look into certain things. You may consider gambling bad, for instance, if a web casino holds you responsible for all the acts that you perform. You can convert a game of gambling into pure form of gambling by just placing bet in the game. For instance, if you play in a web casino without a bet, then it is not bad but instead it is just a game.

You may find that there are families which introduce their small children in the world of gambling. It is very harmful for the future of such children, because they may end up become addicted to gambling in the future. There are instances when a child loses his/her entire schooling due to gambling. Generally, children start playing games on web casino and as the time passes, they enter in to the world of gambling.

As in the case of adult gamblers or players, there are certain things that are responsible in making gambling bad. You can find numerous people across the world placing huge bets in gambling without thinking of the consequences of the bet. The extent of these bets is sometimes so high that person involved in the bet has to keep his/her complete assets as collateral. Some people enter into a web casino just for fun, but end up losing large huge money.

There are numerous reasons that are responsible for making people lose money due to gambling:

They exaggerate their current situation.

They are not able to determine when to stop.

The gamblers mentalities inculcate in their minds and they desire to invest more and more money until they lose their complete money. This is a common phenomenon when a person enters in a web casino.

Most of the people, who place bets for the first time lose large amount of their hard earned money. They just enter in a web casino and spend money like anything. There are very few people, who think of the bad side of gambling, when they decide entering in the world of gambling.

You would not necessarily have to be a casino concessionaire to be able to enjoy the thrill and excitement of Casino Royal [2007]. However, being a casino buff has its advantages because you can get into the characters playing casino and enjoy the movie in a way never before.

Taking risk is certainly one of the few masculine characteristics of Hollywood flicks and which is why we still see Hollywood stars playing casinos caring a fig about their lives or fortune. Believe it or not, gambling movies have made it to the red carpet. Take for example “Rain Man” which had won Oscar award in the best picture category. So, the impact of gambling on Hollywood is undeniable.

To make you aware of the profound impact of gambling in our film industry, here we are going to give a roundup of top films where you can experience the thrill of gambling –

  1. Vegas Vacation (1997)

This is one such movie that will take you to the mesmerizing world of gambling and guess what, the lead role is played by Clark W. Griswold. The protagonist will let you see how things take a completely different turn when you are bitten by the gambling bug. The character in his effort to win a fortune almost forgets that he has a physical existence and a family to feed on. This movie is a funny take on the world of gambling.

  1. Bookies (2003)

This film revolves around four ordinary college students who inadvertently court trouble when they attract the attention of the local crime bosses. These college students become small-time bookies only to find their lives getting engulfed by things over which they have almost no control.  This flick aptly shows how our lives take a completely different turn when money start pouring from all known and unknown sources. This is a great movie to watch out for and the subtle twist at the end of the movie makes it all the more interesting.

  1. The Gambler (1974)

Do you think gambling is just for winning big bucks? You better think again. The Gambler gets you acquainted with a person who finds it equally thrilling to win or lose a gamble. Sounds intriguing? Yeah it does. The main character Alex Freed is a professor who appears to be perfectly normal but he has a different take when it comes to gambling. This movie takes you to the mind of a great gambler without losing grip on the plot. Previously, several attempts have been made to give a vivid account of what goes into the mind of a gambler but none worked as well. The Gambler is a brilliant exception. The central theme of the movie can be best expressed in the following words – “I’m not going to lose it. I’m going to gamble it.”

  1. Owning Mahoney (2003)

Like to have a taste of the real world? Then ‘Owning Mahoney’ (2003) is your best bet. This is based on a true story and minutely captures the mindset of an obsessed gambler. The role of the protagonist is played by Philip Seymour-Hoffman and without a shred of doubt, it is his best ever performance. This is one of those movies that set the bar higher for others. The impact of this movie was so immense that one Atlantic City casino was made to shut down.

This tells a story of a bank manager struggling with gambling addiction. Things turn quite messy when he accidently gets access to a multi-million dollar account. A riveting storyline and the brilliant acting by the lead actor Philip Seymour-Hoffman makes the movie a treat for the movie buffs.

  1. The Cooler (2003)

This is a strange gambling story that depicts probably the unluckiest person on planet earth. He gets employed by a casino owner to cool down tables. Things were perfect until he falls in love with a waitress. His bad luck turns into good luck and then things starts going haywire. The casino owner after becoming aware of the situation tries to break the romance between these two love birds and things get a little messy here.

  1. The Hangover [2009]

Though the story of this movie is not entirely based on gambling, it definitely revolves around it.  The story takes place in the Mecca of casino – The Sin City Las Vegas.  The film beings with three persons waking up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas without no any idea what happened last night. This is a story of a bachelor party gone wrong. This is followed by a series of hilarious incidents that keep the ball rolling. It is a mind blowing comedy flick that you must watch.